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Welcome to The Phantom Chasers.net!

This site is in existence to help create awareness about the events that shape our lives and affect everything around us from the economy to the environment, government operations, war, crime, social justice and injustice.

This site is divided up into sections that deal with a particular subject area. One such category is the “Conspiracies and Cover-ups” pages that deal with the darker side of humanity. On those pages expect to find such information on such criminal acts such as the conspiracy and cover-up of the September 11, 2001 attacks that have resulted in costly wars and the loss of liberties in the United States.

Other areas of concentration include the “Paranormal” section that deals with such topics as UFO’S, Bigfoot, and the alien abduction phenomenon. Also included in the Paranormal section is the topic of missing people in America and around the world. When you read of the strange nature of these disappearances, you will understand why I included them in this section.

Other sections deal with Sociology and how we interact with each other. Other topics include science and technology and how we can use it to better ourselves and how it is being used against us to enslave mankind and reveal our private moments to those who can use them against us.

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